Energy Efficiency

Residential energy efficiency will take on more importance as the price of energy increases and the urgency of climate change and its implications become more apparent.

Currently there are very few qualified individuals or businesses providing full service weatherization contracting.

I am referring to the capacity to assess your home's needs and provide all the resources necessary to improve every aspect of your home's performance. From weather-stripping to complicated heating system upgrades; from basement insulation to rooftop solar panels.

I operate just like a building contractor, but specialize in the performance of your house.

My experience with energy assessments has shown time and time again the necessity of using a blower door to guide proper air sealing and insulation efforts. There is no replacement for this tool. Attempting to make a house more airtight without employing this tool is just foolish.

My business will employ all the necessary diagnostic tools to assure measurable and effective results. I have access to infrared scanning services which, in conjunction with a blower door, bring you the height of diagnostic accuracy, if necessary.