Specialty and Quarter-Sawn Lumber

I have developed an innovative and efficient technique for quarter-sawing wood. I also have the ability to mill a log up to 44" in diameter where it lies.

Not only am I offering this material for sale, but I can provide the milling service to those with special logs. My techniques are innovative, but they are not as quick as other methods. If you have a lot of normal timber to mill I would suggest hiring a mobile bandsaw operator to help you out. If you have a special log, or want quarter-sawing done, I'm your man.

I will be working on this part of the site as time goes on and hope to offer many products, but can offer about 500 board feet of quarter sawn red oak at this time in varying widths and thicknesses. Prices start at about $5/ bd ft. Please contact me if you are interested. I also have some un-milled logs, so custom orders are also welcomed. I can mill down to about 1/8 of an inch in thickness and up to 17" in width for specialty veneers. Custom orders will require a significant deposit.

Please watch this space.

Quarter-Sawn Lumber