I propose to come to your house and conduct a quick diagnostic assessment, including a blower door test, for a fee of $100. I will then tell you how I think you should improve your house. It will then be up to you to decide how you want to proceed:

  • Proceed no further at this time, no hard feelings.
  • Ask for a proposal to undertake all or part of the work.
  • Engage my services on an hourly basis to help you undertake the work.

I am flexible and prepared to consider any scenario to help you reach your goal.

Current Labour Rates:

  • Diagnostic services: $75/hour ($100 for the 1st hour).
  • General construction and air-sealing work: $50/hour.
  • Skilled trades at current market rates (eg. plumbers, electricians, heating contractors, thermography).

All work is subject to a 15% overhead charge that is included in the proposal.

Tax is not included (GST).

Here is an example of a typical job:

  • Add R20 (about 6") of blown cellulose to the attic $600.
  • Replace the attic hatch and air seal attic $400.
  • Replace bathroom exhaust fan with 90 cfm Energy Star model and vent properly $600.
  • 1 day general air sealing $500.
  • 120 lineal feet of R17 full height basement insulation (including header) $2400.
  • Install high efficiency gas furnace $4000.

Total with overhead and taxes: $10,460. This type of job would typically lower your heating load by about 40%, depending on what type of furnace you had, how high above the ground your foundation is, how little insulation was in the attic and basement, and how much air leakage there was.